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“Welcome visitors to the MALUS AURIGA 19-79 Space Station, international trade control point, residential center and business warehouse of THE EARTH. Our Station is coordinated by state-of-the-art syntech androids coordinated by the Artificial Intelligence System, M0TH3R... “

MALUS AURIGA 19-79 is a claustrophobic horror role-playing game where you must survive in an advanced technology station with an evil that lurks inside.

· [INSPIRATION]:  Alien, The Thing, Event Horizon and other horror / science fiction stories.
·  [OPERATIVE SYSTEM]: based on Cruciamen 9X.
·  [ENTRY]: play as a Human Officer, an Android or the Artificial Intelligence itself.
· [ACCESS]: obtain all my games in here.
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“Bienvenidos visitantes a la Estación Espacial MALUS AURIGA 19-79, punto de control de comercio internacional, centro residencial y depósito empresarial de La Tierra. Nuestra Estación es coordinada por androides syntech de último modelo coordinados por el Sistema de Inteligencia Artificial, M4DR3...”

MALUS AURIGA 19-79 es un juego de rol de terror claustrofóbico en el que debes sobrevivir en una estación de tecnología avanzada con un mal que acecha en su interior.

· [INSPIRACIÓN]: Alien, The Thing, Event Horizon y otras historias de terror/ciencia ficción.

· [SISTEMA OPERATIVO]: basado en Cruciamen 9X.

· [ENTRADA]: juega como un/a Oficial Humano/a, un/a Androide o la propia Inteligencia Artificial.

· [ACCESO]: obtén todos mis juegos aquí. Compártelos.




.該遊戲機制基於Cruciamen 9X








Get this Mini-TTRPG and 17 more for $10.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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The map movement and personal survival design reminds me of Alien RPG.

and it seems to offer that kind of atmosphere and gameplay

(2 edits) (+1)

and, again


You are a genius!


Genius are you

among the related subjects within 10page, this is the best I have seen

unfortunately, I am not able to make that map look better

Thanks! The map looks very good!