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The Endless Lands are infinite and if you want something, you may travel until you find it. 

Endless Lands is a 50 pages fantasy game with a simple six-sided dice system, where each resolution has highly influential consequences in fiction.

The main characters are unique and take high risks as they put their Paths and Relationships to the test. The system is made up of rules modules that you can customize to improve your experience. It has different ways of building the world and styles of play.

This game is a personal project, developed, designed and illustrated by one person. Every contribution helps to keep making games like this.

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CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorMundos Infinitos
TagsExploration, Fantasy, minigames, Minimalist, relationship


Get this game and 17 more for $10.00 USD
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Endless Lands is an easy to learn fantasy RPG with a simple six-sided dice system. You journey across the endless lands with your friends, battling monsters and looking for treasures. I especially love the expertly crafted character playbooks.



thats cool :)